12 thoughts on “Texting Tuesdays [Mark]

  1. Jae

    Really? You’d never walk out of a movie? I think the last one I walked out of was “Burn After Reading.” It was too booooorrrrriiinnnnggggg for me.

      1. Jae

        I think it’s because of when I came to realization that even if I did nothing but read, watch movies, tv shows, etc. there’s no way I’ll be able to experience everything I want to in my lifetime. So if a book, movie, etc. isn’t making the cut, I say life is too short and move on.

      2. beautifulorange Post author

        I have the same feeling sometimes… until a few years ago I would always struggle through books, no matter what I thought of them but now I often move on after 50-60 pages if it isn’t working for me. Although that’s also partly because I’m such a painfully slow reader!

      3. Jae

        Do you ever come across those books that are interesting enough story-wise but somehow just aren’t really a thrill to read? I’ve got one I’m reading right now that’s that way. There’s still enough going on I’m trudging through, but I’m still tempted to ditch it. *sigh* What to do, what to do…

      4. beautifulorange Post author

        Yep. I find it with books and movies. The initial concept is excellent – but then the execution doesn’t do it justice. It always feels like such a lost opportunity. And difficult to know whether to carry on reading once you’re in the middle…!

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