“You have to be brave to take out that white sheet of paper and put on it words that could be evidence of your stupidity.”

– Sol Saks

And so, I bravely (ahem) write this blog as evidence of my potential stupidity. I write, primarily screenplays, but am currently working on a novel in free verse. Not everyone will get it and that’s fine. This is the place that I post short, random excerpts from the first draft, as I write it. So even fewer people will get that. Which is fine too.

You can also find me here: @mnelks


24 thoughts on “About

  1. Ilene (BinkyBecky)

    Thank you so much for reading my blog and liking it. I am a newer book reviewer, but lifelong book, story lover. I am working on my 1st novel and it has been a joy and a source of great frustration which has led me to consider throwing it all on the fire along with myself. But, I love this story, I feel a deep connection to it and especially the main character and her natural surroundings. Anyway, looking forward to seeing you around again on my blog. Hope you leave comments as I love the good, bad, and ugly crits! It’s the only way to really learn. I’ll be checking you out on a regular basis. BeautifulOrange is a great Blog title! – Ilene

    1. beautifulorange Post author

      You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by here too… hope you like what you found. Good luck with your writing. I think it’s a long, ans often difficult, process but if you believe in your characters and your story then keep pushing on through.

  2. Rodger Jacobs

    I love free verse fiction. One of my biggest personal successes as a writer was a live show I wrote and produced in San Francisco for The Beat Museum and Vesuvio Cafe commemorating the 50th anniversary of “On the Road” using much of Kerouac’s free verse prose about California in the scroll edition of OTR; many event attendees who previously had only an arms-length relationship with JK told me they were inspired to read his work after seeing it read aloud by actors (some free verse — and some James Joyce — is benefited greatly by reading aloud, I’ve found).

    1. beautifulorange Post author

      That’s fantastic – would loved to have seen it. Once I have a draft that I’m happy with, I definitely intend to perform part of it to help me refine the flow/language/rhythm.

  3. Kristen Mazzola

    I did award your blog with the Liebster Award. If you go to my blog and see my latest posting about the Liebster award, or click on the link to the awards it will tell you all you need to know. Congrats on an awesome blog! And Thanks for always being so supportive of my writing! 🙂

    1. beautifulorange Post author

      Ha. You’re welcome! Hope you like mine too.

      That’s a helluva a reading challenge you’ve got there… I’m a painfully slow reader so would never manage it. I’ve only read 4 or 5 from your list but I adore The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

      1. HBeans

        I’m actually engrossed in reading some of your posts right now. They are fantastic!

        At first 30 seemed too high, but I’m generally an impatient person so I hope that transfers into fast reading. I googled “The Amazing Adventures” and it looks really interesting, might supplant it for one on my list.

  4. Matrone Bell

    I was amused by your piglet post, enamored by your happy dance, but then I saw that you thought Prometheus was a disappointment, and you liked vanillia 😀 so with that I decided to electronically stalk you. In a non creepy way of course. Looking forward to more of your posts.


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