Mole’s Dream (Part 1)

“I have a dream,” said Mole.

“A dream?” said Dove, “I love dreaming.
Did you dream you were a super hero,
Saving people’s lives?
Were you a king in a castle,
On a throne,
With six wives?”

“It’s not that sort of dream,” said Mole.
“This is about something I need to do.
Instead of burying myself in dark, damp holes,
I want to live up high in a nest like you.”

Dove was confused.
Why did his friend want to be different?
And when word got out about Mole’s dream,
Well, you’ve never witnessed such a scene.
All of Mole Town threw their hands in the air,
As if they’d never felt such despair.

“We’re moles,
We dig,
That’s what we do.
Our holes,
Are big,
With room for two.”

“But,” said Mole,
“I want to build towards the sky,
I want to enjoy the view,
Touch the clouds,
Live up high.”

And so Mole followed his nose and his heart,
But when it came to looking up,
He didn’t know where to start.


23 thoughts on “Mole’s Dream (Part 1)

      1. Y. Prior

        well take your time – because you do not want to spoil it – lol
        but I think you are playfully touching upon identify, celebrating individual wiring and maybe even noting how too often we do not appreciate “doing whatever it is that we do” — hmmm
        anyhow, I also like this because it is worded so simply – with a bit of rhyme, dialogue and narrative. I found your blog through the culture monk site – and I look forward to peeking in at your posts – and of course part 2 (but no hurry!). 🙂

    1. beautifulorange Post author

      Thanks so much. And thanks for stopping by.

      If you’re interested, this poem is a companion piece for ‘Little Pig’s Book of Why’ that I wrote a few weeks ago and also posted on the blog. Check it out.


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