One morning,
The sun forgot to get out of bed.
His alarm didn’t wake him,
And the moon didn’t call by on her way home.
So it was dark,
For a very long time,

But then the sun,
Became lazy.
His bed was so comfortable,
And it did him no harm,
To rest for a while.
And so it was dark,
For longer,

Come on,
Said the moon,
I know we all forget things as we get older,
But the Earth is getting so much colder.

Said the people.
We like the moon,
We really do,
But without your warm glow,
We’re feeling kinda blue.

Said the sun.
All I can hear is your damned whining,
But my pillow’s plumped,
The sheets are soft,
And this star ain’t for shining.

But the moon,
Was now working over-time.
To be honest,
She was pretty annoyed,
That the sun didn’t come.
So the moon quit too.
And it was dark,


35 thoughts on “Responsibility

    1. beautifulorange Post author

      Well thanks John – that’s really kind of you. I do really love this poem but wasn’t sure what sort of reception it would get. It’s beyond reassuring to hear such positive feedback.

      And I love the idea of a children’s/illustrated book… I’ll have to get on to that.

      1. john zande

        Do. That’s not lip-service. It’s got the makings of a classic, and the undertow message (laziness) is thought-provoking. This is golden.

  1. Sahm King

    That’s the apocalypse if I ever heard it. Nice way to portray the importance of responsibility, though I kind of agree with the sun. Speaking of which, my alarm clock has a date with one of my rear tires. Nicely done!

  2. Trish

    A good fable. I have a son who never gets up before midday and never goes to sleep before 3am. The sun is wasting its time shining for him in the morning.


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