How does memory work? (Another excerpt from my 1st draft)

This is a bit of a strange one but I thought I’d share it anyway. To (very) briefly explain –  at the heart of my story are questions about memory, and how our memories of life experiences affect who we are and how we behave. With that in mind…


It’s believed that our long-term memory comes in three flavours:
Episodic, Procedural and Semantic.

Your first kiss,
The best meal you’ve ever eaten,
Attending your daughter’s graduation,
Episodic memory covers the massive accumulation,
Of life experiences that are unique to you,
Things that have happened at a specific time,
At a specific venue.

Procedural memory comprises those skills,
That have been learnt,
But that we perform so effortlessly that it appears we weren’t,
Conscious of learning them in the first place,
Like riding a bike or tying a shoe lace.

And semantic memory is all about remembering factual information,
Such as capital cities or multiplication,
Often the sort of stuff you learn at school,
Right down to the most basic cognition:
That a cat is an animal and a hammer is a tool.


15 thoughts on “How does memory work? (Another excerpt from my 1st draft)

  1. fcmalby

    Sounds really interesting. I’m intrigued. I like the distinctions between the different types of memories. I hadn’t thought about the different categories. Well written post.

  2. Sahm King

    Strange? This is beautiful. You know what, I like the thought put in to this. I like the philosophical and scientific notions behind it. I can’t imagine what your thought process was when writing this, but…this is brilliant.

    1. beautifulorange Post author

      Thanks so much – really appreciate that. And the thought process?… ha, well that’s been long and complex. It’s all wrapped-up in the concept for the novel. Time will tell whether it’s got any greater value…


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