Morning after/Night before (another excerpt from my first draft)

Cold, dry air,
On hot, damp skin,
Mingled smells,
Of cigarettes and gin,
Clothes fighting,
Against being removed,
Two bodies,
Writhing and pressed,
And drunk and unrepressed,
Eros unmoved.
The morning after,
No romance,
Stilted conversation,
Awkward glance,
Hurried dressing,
Dried sweat smell,
Sheepish goodbyes,
Just as well.


28 thoughts on “Morning after/Night before (another excerpt from my first draft)

      1. ioniamartin

        I read this book this morning, and thought you might enjoy it as well, so here I am with a recommendation. The book is called “Immortality and other short stories” by Josh Barkey. He has a very unique style I thought you would appreciate. Here is a quote “She had long found comfort in the oak’s rumbling paternalism, an amusing steadiness anchoring her fiery demeanor.”

        Beautiful, edgy writing.

  1. Mike

    This poetic story reads with sound, smell, taste, touch, feel and a niggling memory at the back of my head. In covering the gamut of senses, this an amazing feat in writing. Very well done.


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