I’m off to the Hay Festival…


So, yes, this is about as middle-aged and middle-class as my life has now become. In the past, it was all about music festivals; sleeping in a muddy field in a cheap tent; spending 3 days drunk or stoned or both; jumping up and down with 30,000 other people to loud music; getting no sleep.

But now, I’m about to head off to a literature festival. And you know what? It’s brilliant and I’m not ashamed at all… there’s the rest of the summer for teenage fun… for now I’m hanging with the grown-ups. I’ve been to the Hay Festival before and it’s awesome. I think it’s probably the premier literary festival in the world, and set in the quintessential pretty british village too.

My 4 days will include talks and readings by John McCarthy (who was held hostage in Lebanon for 5 years), Carl Bernstein (Mr Watergate), Hans Blix (Mr weapons of mass destruction), and Stella Rimington (the former Head of MI5). And I haven’t even mentioned the fiction writers.

So, I’m off to sip tea and wine. See you on the other side…


25 thoughts on “I’m off to the Hay Festival…

  1. Jae

    Oooh, that sounds so much better than the Woodstock option. Don’t get me wrong, there was a time not so long ago I loved the whole crazy, loud, insane concert scene. Now I enjoy the quiet and books and nature. Must happen after we pass a certain age. *shrug*

      1. maedez

        If it is possible, you just made me even more jealous. A bubble away from the real world for a few days sounds divine.

  2. Rebecca Bradley

    This sounds wonderful. Much better than muddy fields. I’ve never been a muddy field fan, no matter my age!
    I look forward to reading about the festival later on the blog. The talks sound great. They’d definitely have me hooked. Have a great time.


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