Authors who look like their writing: #3 Zadie Smith


‘She is faithful to her roots without being bound by them.’

– Adam Mars-Jones

Zadie Smith is the embodiment of a very modern writer. When I think about her writing, I think about a multi-ethnic, western world, where races are both very separate and completely intertwined at the same time.  I think of vibrance and energy and intelligence and insightfulness. And very helpfully for this post, she exudes all of these in the way she looks.

As an aside, I also love her for being a staunch defender of Britain’s libraries, as the government persists in closing huge numbers. Go Zadie!

The great photo is by Nikolai Failla


18 thoughts on “Authors who look like their writing: #3 Zadie Smith

    1. beautifulorange Post author

      Ha, thanks. It came to me when I was reading the latest book by the author in the first post. Maybe there’s a ‘directors who look like their films’ series in there for you!

      1. beautifulorange Post author

        haha, well thanks. I was just trying to think of some… it’s really tricky. Woody Allen for sure. Maybe Kubrick and Scorcese?… The Coens?… it’s an interesting one…

  1. ioniamartin

    I nominated you for the wordpress family award and although I usually don’t do these things, this one seemed special and I felt bad about my sarcasm that you incidentally taught me. Details on my blog soon.

    1. beautifulorange Post author

      Aw, thanks! That’s really kind. I never know what to do about awards… I’ve been nominated for a few recently but I never really fully take part in them. I think that soon I need to write a big ‘thank you’ post to big-up some other great bloggers.

      And never feel bad about using sarcasm with me!

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